Tattoo Token

Tattoo Token

Putting a tattoo on your skin is a gift to yourself. The gift of memory, some sad, some happy. By getting a tattoo there is some sense of relief, giving certain memories a place to remember, to cherish.

This is why Tattoo Token is on the list of Blessed Stellar. All that blesses you as a human being, all that makes you feel you. With Tattoo token you can make reservations for that one special project of creativity and memories. And because these tokens are created on the Stellar Network, very little transaction fees are charged and the speed at which payments are made are faster than a bank will ever manage. It’s just a matter of seconds.

10% of the Tattoo Tokens are reserved for charity. Not big projects, we want to share on an individual basis. An example: you as a token holder know someone that went through a needed surgery and has a scar. A tattoo can be a beautiful coverup. These are the kind of projects we want to use the reserved Tattoo Tokens for.

There will only be 1 Billion Tattoo (TATS) tokens in existence ever. (BURNED 1B FEBR 2022)

Tattoo (TATS) token available on:

  • Lobstr
  • Stellarport (coming soon)
  • Stellarterm
  • Scopuly