Best Shape In Life Special token (BSILS)

💪🏻 For protection of our real honest investors and the fact that we are not going to sit around waiting for bots and bad actors to eat up your investment we are taking a drastic measure.

⭐️ BSIL is replaced by BSILS, Best Shape In Life Special, per 19th October 2021. With an attached reward system, which will only grow in functionality within Blessed Stellar. From now on these tokens will carry the revocable, claw back flag. There is no other solution as of now to beat the bad actors. And will only be used against those! Of course we tried with a tight buy back program, but when the LP’s (Liquidity Pools) came in bots found another way to drain liquidity.

⭐️ We keep the issuing and distributing accounts open, so if, and when, Stellar comes up with a real solution to these scammers and bots, we can set the flag back to immutable and lock the accounts. We will not issue more tokens then written in our white paper. We however might burn more, like we already burned 6B BSILS tokens in the past 5 months.

❤️ We hope that by taking this action that you as an investor see that we do everything to protect our project from ugly influences, and that you appreciate this.

The transfer from old BSIL to BSILS

Add BSILS (GBQYG6EAACSWRUIF6C5FNPUZBQ5GSUNY7GTUQV35ONKEMZE447I2QLDF ( to your portfolio and swap or trade BSIL for the new and improved BSILS. Is there a difference in amount, don’t worry, we will correct it! You will receive the same amount of the new BSILS tokens as you purchased the old BSIL tokens.

Trying to cheat the system will get your account and access to Blessed Stellar tokens frozen.

Honesty is a precious virtue. Blessed Stellar is being build with all our effort and passion in a fair way for everyone. Don’t misuse it, thank you.