Play Token

Play Token

Playfulness, how to play like there is no tomorrow, like kids still do (and soon all!), is one thing we must not ever forget. But we grownups did, admit it, you did too! Luckily we have children on this planet to remind us how it is to be without worries. And how to play as if tomorrow doesn’t come.

Why is this important? When you are playing you have to be creative, to open your mind and loosen up. We as adults have been stiff and stressed, because……. life happened. But a child will always find a reason to play. So should we.

And what is the best way to play? That is something you need to find out all by yourself, if you really have forgotten completely how to do that. But if you have kids, nieces, neighbours kids, let them show you! Go out for a day to an amusement park, go bowling, midgetgolf, the beach? Run around, get dirty, be adventurous and forget about tomorrow, even if just for a few hours.

Use Play Token to spend a day, or more, with kids. Just go wherever they wanna go and let them lead the way. Playing like this for a day, or more, will reduce stress and contributes to your Best Shape In Life. And because these tokens are created on the Stellar Network, very little transaction fees are charged and the speed at which payments are made are faster than a bank will ever manage. It’s just a matter of seconds.

10% of the Play Tokens are reserved for charity. Not big projects, we want to share on an individual basis. An example: you as a token holder know someone in a family that has not been able to go out and play due to circumstances. Or take out the whole family! Let’s deliver them the day of their life, or more, whatever is possible! These are the kind of projects we want to use the reserved Beach Tokens for.

There will only be 1 Billion Play (PLAYS) tokens in existence ever. (BURNED 1B FEBR 2022)

Play (PLAYS) token available on:

  • Lobstr
  • Stellarport (coming soon)
  • Stellarterm
  • Scopuly