Our wallets

Our wallets

The beautiful thing about Stellar Network is that when done logical, as in determining which wallets belong to which asset, you can find out a lot about the issuer of a token/asset. And yes, you can differentiate between legit assets/tokens and scams this way. Having what we like to call deep dived into Stellar Network for quite some months, we know what we are talking about and we taught hundreds of people how to do it. All eyes on us….

You, as an investor, will gain insight into our business strategy. You are, we feel, simply entitled to that. Also, the fact that we are just people who work hard and need to generate an income will not come as a surprise. We’re going to make all that transparent too. And these updates will always be communicated through this website and/or our Telegram. Very refreshing if we say so ourselves….


For every asset/token created we are making two accounts/wallets on the SDEX. One is an issuing account and one is a distributing account. Connected to those we have a master account, this account will hold show all ins and outs for all the tokens in creation. In this master account we will keep the raised revenue from the ICO sale. As well as investing a share into a stable coin so it can continue to grow. A part of the ICO sales will be brought back into our market through buying back our tokens. In doing so, we generate liquidity in our own market. This ensures stability and security for our investors.


TOML hosting file is to show investors, this website and this asset belongs together, ours can be found here: https://www.blessedstellar.com/.well-known/stellar.toml

Verification that everything is connected and working : https://stellar.sui.li/blessedstellar.com

BSIL token = Best Shape in Life token

  • Asset : https://stellar.expert/explorer/public/asset/BSIL-GAQC3A5HD7EG7FGCQEMZWIDBDVI5I4T7HGQO53MCAO3WVY5UKNFW2GNR-1
  • Distribution account : https://stellar.expert/explorer/public/account/GDKDZ6CNGB5GVIERZQAGFFLO566HWOHBMQMDG4QCOLRZ6YANG3QFBRE2
  • Issuing account: https://stellar.expert/explorer/public/account/GAQC3A5HD7EG7FGCQEMZWIDBDVI5I4T7HGQO53MCAO3WVY5UKNFW2GNR
  • Master account: https://stellar.expert/explorer/public/account/GDC6FWOJD3SE4A5NLSZHAJIRI6JXCVTWYXMLREQ2AXVTNMWAI2UHD5BH

BSILS = Best Shape In Life Special token

BSIL will be replaced by BSILS per the second half of October 2021, Best Shape In Life Special. With an attached reward system, more details will follow as soon as possible. Yes, these tokens will carry the revocable, claw back flag. There is no other solution as of now to beat the bad actors. And will only be used against those!

We keep the issuing and distributing accounts open, so if, and when, Protocol 18 has the real solution, we can set the flag back to immutable and lock the accounts. We will not issue more tokens then written in our white paper. We however might burn more, like we already burned 3B in the past 2 months.

❤️ We hope that by taking this action that you as an investor see that we do everything to protect our project from ugly influences, and that you appreciate this.

How to proceed? Very simple, you add the token BSILS (GBQYG6EAACSWRUIF6C5FNPUZBQ5GSUNY7GTUQV35ONKEMZE447I2QLDF = https://stellar.expert/explorer/public/asset/BSILS-GBQYG6EAACSWRUIF6C5FNPUZBQ5GSUNY7GTUQV35ONKEMZE447I2QLDF-2?filter=all) to your portfolio and we will make sure your tokens of equal value are transferred.

What happens to your BSIL tokens? You keep those and if you feel like it and have the time, we hope you suck the bots and scammers dry. But only start doing so when you have received your matching BSILS tokens! Until Protocol 18 is in place and truly proves to be a solution to this bot and scammer problem we do nothing more with BSIL token.

What about real investors who are not on Telegram? We will send out a message to them through the Stellar Blockchain. No one get’s left behind.

For the effort taken you will be rewarded via our new system linked to token BSILC (Best Shape In Life Community – GDQTV5W5OWMGP6GI2SJQN7K2IOW4HXYGXPKQEYVYGGDP43YYZQROBDRL (https://stellar.expert/explorer/public/asset/BSILC-GDQTV5W5OWMGP6GI2SJQN7K2IOW4HXYGXPKQEYVYGGDP43YYZQROBDRL-2) – 1 million supply max!). Please add these as well immediately.

From 19-10-2021 all website texts and communications regarding the above will be updated. Right after that, we will work to send you your new BSILS tokens (https://stellar.expert/explorer/public/asset/BSILS-GBQYG6EAACSWRUIF6C5FNPUZBQ5GSUNY7GTUQV35ONKEMZE447I2QLDF-2?filter=all), and will do so with help of Stellar Rewards (https://t.me/stellarrewardschat)

If there are any questions, please ask. This is not an easy decision to make. But we refuse to give in to bad actors….. : https://t.me/blessedstellarchat

DRM token = Dream token

HLTH token = Health token

BCH token = Beach token

HLDY token = Holiday token

RLX token = Relax token

GRWT token = Growth token

ADVT token = Adventure token

PLAY token = Play token

TAT token = Tattoo token

WIDI token = Wine & Dine Token