Health Token

Health Token

Health is more than food, but did you know that a lot of people don’t even have access to healthy food? The things we could tell you about what has been done to our food in the past decades would take us a few months to write down. And we will, for everyone to be completely informed on our website (coming soon) connected to Blessed Stellar Tokens. And even if you have affordable access to healthy food, do you know how to handle it? How to make it into a healthy meal? How to produce these foods yourself? That too is health!

What we wanna emphasize with the production of a Health Token is for people to really know what our own body and mind are capable of. And how we can nurture that. And how, unfortunately and unfairly, taking care of your health comes at a higher price in today’s society. Do you know how to produce your own food? Your own hygienic products? We have a lot to learn in the time that is coming NOW. Think of food, but also sport, nature. Also relaxation, playfulness. And last but most certainly not least, mental health. And now you see how we are building a circle with our Blessed Tokens. One can’t do without the other. Just as life itself is a circle. But we got to take better care of what we put into our bodies and minds!

Buy your Health tokens to spend on that one goal, or several, that will help you achieve your Best Shape In Life. And because these tokens are created on the Stellar Network, very little transaction fees are charged and the speed at which payments are made are faster than a bank will ever manage. It’s just a matter of seconds.

10% of the Health Tokens are reserved for charity. Not big projects, we want to share on an individual basis. An example: you as a token holder know someone that really needs a healthier lifestyle. Help someone that does not have the funds to be able to buy healthier things or knows how to cook more healthy. Help one to grow their own food, make their own hygienic products organically or even start making a business out of producing. Give someone the knowledge and let them start up their healthy life. These are the kind of projects we want to use the reserved Health Tokens for.

There will only be 1 Billion Health (HLTHS) tokens in existence ever. (BURNED 1B FEBR 2022)

Health (HLTHS) token available on:

  • Lobstr
  • Stellarport (coming soon)
  • Stellarterm
  • Scopuly