How are you going to handle liquidity since the project and assets are new?

A part of the ICO sales will be brought back into our market through buying back our tokens. In doing so, we generate liquidity in our own market. This ensures stability and security for our investors. Those who wish to sell can do so and those who are planning on holding will see stability and feel more secure.

On 19-10-2021 we made a big move towards protecting our investors and our project. You can read more about it on this page: https://www.blessedstellar.com/our-wallets/

Who is behind Blessed Stellar?

A WordPress builder, writer (native Dutch), mother, lover and a freedom fighter.

A female tattoo artist and visual designer (native Dutch), dog mother, foodie and truth warrior.

A handful of very special righteous, generous and loving individuals that guide and work on research.

Will you do airdrops or rewards?

For that the 10% development reserve is available as well. October 2021 we have released our Reward project. Which is more then “just” a reward system. More detailed info can be found here: https://www.blessedstellar.com/best-shape-in-life-community-token/
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Are these the first tokens ever created by this team?

Yes they are and it wasn’t what you would call an easy task…. We had to learn a lot about Stellar Network and the technical aspect, which of course keeps evolving too. Who knows what we can achieve for a future better world!

The idea behind Blessed Stellar wrote itself almost on its own as it springs from passion.

Are you going to issue more tokens in the future?

We don’t want to create useless tokens, but we do love creating a lot. Whatever we create however must have a possible future utility attached to it. Or else it would be just playing with tokens for no reason.

Is there a White Paper?

Yes, you can find our White Paper here: https://www.blessedstellar.com/white-paper/

10% charity on an individual basis, when are you going to give to a person or project? 

This is something we will have to discuss with the community for each token and each purpose set for that specific token. The 10% will be kept aside for all to see in a dedicated wallet.

10% development reserve?

Resources are needed to help build the community website connected to Blessed Stellar. On this website the community, future partners and companies can inform, write and share about relevant topics related to getting into the best shape of your life. They might also be needed when we need an external helping hand, think of marketing and outsourcing.

This under construction website is also the place where we are going to bring together businesses and consumers who have that goal of getting into the best shape of their life. Ultimate purpose is that the consumer can pay the provider of the service or product with one of the Blessed Stellar tokens.

5% for the team?

Each member of our team has his or her own individual ideas that he or she would like to implement in order to improve the world and community around us. These ideas do not have an exact form yet, because many of them require investments. For that, this portion is reserved. We will be transparent about this at all times, and take you with us on that journey. Who knows, it might give you ideas for your own environment. We will also do this through the website we are setting up that will connect to Blessed Stellar and getting into the Best Shape In Life.

More info on this is found in our White Paper as well.

How transparent is Blessed Stellar?

Hopefully transparent enough to attract honest investors who like us believe in a bright future for all. We are on a journey, those who know this are also taking actions at this time of writing.

Blessed Stellar makes it transparent to investors as to how our wallets are progressing at any given time. You can see what is done with the revenue from the sales, how the BSILC rewards are distibuted and more. On this page you will find full insight into our wallets: https://www.blessedstellar.com/our-wallets/