Best Shape In Life Community token

Best Shape In Life Community token

Let me take you back to our White Paper. There is something waiting to be built. Which we will start real soon (those close in our Telegram Community already know about the personal thing that came in between, plus the changing of the setup of our BSILS token is taking some time as well).

The website that’s going to be built has a very familiar domain name. We asked a few times already if anyone could guess it. Because it is pretty obvious. But no one guessed it just yet. Even better, we can do a fun giveaway around it with maybe even more clearer hints if needed?

What is this Community token all about?

Cut to the chase Blessed Stellar, how are we going to get paid? 😂 Okay okay, website, big one, our main token is called Best Shape In Life (Special) right? What does it mean to be in the best shape of your life? How do we get into that shape? And I ain’t talking about being all skinny or ripped. I am talking health physically and mentally. I am talking happiness, work, play, family, friends, community and together start building back this world the way the Almighty One intended it for us to be.

And to this website, we can all contribute. We all have some knowledge that needs to be shared within this world. We have already proven to be the best researchers in the world. We distinguish truth from lies and so much more, but there are still so many out there that don’t know. Who only start caring when something bad happens to them. Let’s start telling the world how powerful we as humans truly are. Our bodies, our minds, the energies and how to use them to our best advantage. Let’s grow old and happy!

We will set up categories where we need to write about. You will be able to use your knowledge and put pen to paper. We then publish it, with your name if you like that, and we will reward your efforts with BSILC tokens!

Our commitment

Something of big importance has to be said. We are creating, distributing this Community token under the same conditions as BSILS token. We are going to keep it clean, out of the hands of people that have other intentions then we do in this world. But it is intended and created as a gift token not being sold by us. The more stable it would become, the better it would be. That way it can really function as a bonus, and a form of payment. But we will manage that along the way. If you never start it, it will never be a success.

So we created a limited amount of 1 million BSILC tokens. Not all of these are released immediately, some might never even. We are launching with a limited number of 200.000 tokens in this BSILC market. What are we going to do with the other 80%? We may burn a bunch, we may put a small amount on the market, we may sell and buy back orders. This is not meant for any profit, purely for stabilizing.

How can I get BSILC’s limited token?

If you invested in BSILS and one or more of our other tokens, just start by adding a trust line to Best Shape In Life Community token. BSILS will be in the center of this bonus and payment program at all times!