Beach Token

Beach Token

I think all people love the beach. Maybe not all will like the water, like my partner says water is for fish, but I am that fish! I even emigrated to be a fish once every few weeks. But why? What is it that the beach and water brings us? Complete relaxation, sorrows that seem to disappear as you connect with the water and sand. The soothing sound of the waves, children playing in the sand, fresh air, salt on your skin, Vitamin D and much more.

Yes, the beach and the ability to float in the sea is one of nature’s biggest blessings. And therefore undeniable needs to be on the list of Blessed Stellar Tokens. Grow your tokens, use Beach Tokens as a savings account for a day or even a weekend at the beach. It might develop into a big Dream to one day live at the beach, or closeby.

Use the Beach Token to pay for expenses on a day trip, for some food and drinks, maybe you might even take a dive course on the spot! Tokens that are created on the Stellar Network have very little transaction fees and the speed at which payments are made are faster than a bank will ever manage. It’s just a matter of seconds.

10% of the Beach Tokens are reserved for charity. Not big projects, we want to share on an individual basis. An example: you as a token holder know someone that really needs a good washing away of sorrow and stress. Help someone that does not have the funds to be able to go to the beach. Give someone the power of the sea and salty toes and make them feel alive again! These are the kind of projects we want to use the reserved Beach Tokens for.

There will only be 1 Billion Beach (BCHS) tokens in existence ever. (BURNED 1B FEBR 2022)

Beach (BCHS) token available on:

  • Lobstr
  • Stellarport (coming soon)
  • Stellarterm
  • Scopuly