Adventure Token

Adventure Token

Do you remember how inventive and without hesitation you were as a kid? We hope you do, it means you had a good childhood. No sorrows and hopefully no pain. When did we stop letting this inner child come up to the surface? Even if it is for just now and then? That too is so important in the rush of daily life and all responsibilities that come with being an adult. 

While you’re contemplating now about wild adventures you might wanna write down some things that come to mind. Maybe you always wanted to go ride a hot air balloon, go a bit more adventurous and think about owning one, how’s that for a Dream! Maybe you want to learn how to surf. Whatever crazy (stay safe!) things in nature come to mind? Because you will notice most of these adventures things make you connect with nature. That is the beauty of adventures, of being childish again. Get dirty, be a bit more wild, dream and go on that adventure!

Buy your Adventure tokens to spend on that one special adventure, or several, that you always wanted to experience. Being adventurous too will help you achieve your Best Shape In Life. And because these tokens are created on the Stellar Network, very little transaction fees are charged and the speed at which payments are made are faster than a bank will ever manage. It’s just a matter of seconds.

10% of the Adventure Tokens are reserved for charity. Not big projects, we want to share on an individual basis. An example: you as a token holder know someone that really needs a boost in life. That needs to connect with nature and feel wild and free again. So they can be back in life fighting modus. Helping someone have a good adventure again and make them feel alive again! These are the kind of projects we want to use the reserved Adventure Tokens for.

There will only be 1 Billion Adventure (ADVTS) tokens in existence ever. (BURNED 1B FEBR 2022)

Adventure (ADTVS) token available on:

  • Lobstr
  • Stellarport (coming soon)
  • Stellarterm
  • Scopuly