About Us

About Us

As small business owners we have had years of bad experiences with banks. It seems like all we ever do is work, pay bills and taxes and are left with little to nothing to build on our personal dreams and individual growth. The rat race most of us are so familiar with. 

But then there came crypto, which we have been watching from the sideline for years. While we were building many, many websites and web stores mostly for other people. At one moment at the end of 2020 we came into contact with Stellar Network and ISO 20022 regulations. We invested on a tight budget and learned all we could about Stellar. Pretty instantly it hit us; Stellar is the future money of us ordinary people! But is it the future, or is that future now? We know the world is experiencing the biggest crisis of our lifetime.

What can we do to make a change?

Sometimes you are being pushed into a certain direction, by, well let’s call it the Universe for now. You might not always understand why you end up where you are. Why do you learn the skills you have? Ours let us clearly to Stellar Network. Did we see it immediately? Did we make the connection? Of course not, but once it clicked there was just no turning away from it anymore. We truly found what we are meant to do, at this moment in time. Stellar Network, simply genius as is, with cheap and very fast transactions, is growing daily and real life use cases happening before our eyes. Who needs a bank? (Soon, very soon….)

We could go on for hours about Stellar…. And so we did, while building Blessed Stellar. As lots of tokens are being born on the Stellar Network as we speak, great creative projects, stable coins and so much more, we could also clearly see what was still missing. 

Blessed Stellar created 11 tokens that people can use for blessing themselves. A gift for yourself in your journey to more happiness, health, strength and your connection to your best self. Outside of that rat race. Our enthusiasm and passion for this is enormous! Because we fully see and understand what is happening to our beautiful world at this very moment in time. 


Do you know where the real power lies when you bless yourself? It’s the power of abundance! You will start blessing others! When you feel more empowered you want to share that blessing. And that is how Blessed Stellar Tokens is going to contribute.

While Blessed Stellar is about enrichment it is not about enrichment in material things. It is about becoming the best version of you as a human. Are you ready to start a blessing movement? We sure are and that is why 10% of our tokens are reserved for charity. It will go towards individuals who could really use a positive empowering push in life.

For investors

We put emphasis on finding investors who do not view Blessed Stellar as a quick fill to their XLM. We want investors who truly understand the purpose of Blessed Stellar. How we are going to contribute to the release of all that is not good in the matrix we currently call our world and home. We are looking for investors who intend to use the growth realized in our system to create their Best Shape In Life or help others achieve theirs.

In the month of September 2021 you can expect our White Paper to be completed. Even though we are already very comprehensive in the descriptions on our website, an overview will certainly not hurt. Here we can also explain more about our business strategy, although not everything can be locked down, purely because we are also exploring how well our concept is received and fully understood by investors.

Our ultimate goal for Blessed Stellar Tokens is to have companies and service providers, which are appropriate to the listed categories, to actually start taking our tokens as payment in the near foreseeable future.

White Paper 03-09-2021 https://www.blessedstellar.com/white-paper/

Blessed Stellar - invest in your Best Shape In Life