What drives YOU?

Blessed Stellar Tokens

Tokens that make you happy so you can do more to bless others

What do you LOVE?

A society built to enslave us. Break the chains by growing, learning, loving and sharing.
Blessed Tokens

When YOU bless YOU, we all will bless others too! ♥

Tokens for you
Best Shape In Life Special token

Stellar Lumens

Blessed Stellar tokens are created on the genius open source Stellar Network. Everything is out in the open, yet you have full control. 

Blessed Tokens are available for sale at the Stellar partners found here:

Blessed Tokens

Grow towards your unique goal

Buy, hold and set your goal. Guidance through a community website www.bestshapeinlife.com where knowledge will be shared about all aspects of life, health, happiness, healing, food and community.

Tokens as a saving mechanism

You decide when you wanna use them for that specific goal of happiness.

Who needs banks?

While the rich get richer, our every move is tracked. Blessed Stellar tokens on the Stellar Network is the way for you to control your goals.

10% charity distribution

Not just a charity! You as token holder can bring projects to the community, and together we decide!

Stellar Network

Tokens backed by XLM. Genius as is. Take back control of money for the people.

Our community

Become an active member on our Telegram Channel. Here we will speak about our charity distribution as well.

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A project that believes in itself, that is why we move nice and slow. No “to the moon” runs here, but a lot of honesty during development. We like to have a quality road trip with good views during the trip! Follow us on Telegram!

Each token has a specific goal/category. Each token will therefor have specific charity options. But we don’t get to choose. We do this with you, the community of Blessed Stellar Tokens.

In it for the long haul, we know this is gonna be the most beautiful adventure we have ever experienced! Time to share and help make the world beautiful again.

When needed for partnerships, promotions, development or temporary outsourcing of projects.